Preproduction Tooling

Utilizing our 3d printers it allows us to create high definition pattern for short run production tooling. Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) rubber molds are the fastest, most accurate, and least expensive way to create up to a dozen or so duplicates of a prototype part. Rubber molds can faithfully duplicate details and textures present on the original part, and can be very forgiving of part geometry when it comes time to remove it from the mold. After the RTV Molds are completed, they are then typically used to produce limited quantity polyurethane castings with a wide variety of material properties.

Urethane casting material is very popular for product prototypes. It can be formulated to imitate elastomers, and can have structural properties similar to high-impact stryrene. It can mimic production parts in material properties, thermal properties, color, and surface texture. It can also be machined, sanded, glued, and painted readily.

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