Most people tend to not go traveling even that they are dying inside to, only because they don’t have money.  Sure, money it is a problem, but there are ways to travel and these ways are free, or with just a small amount of money.

Overcome Money issue

Something in this case is damn sure, that you won’t need to be incredibly rich to travel. There is a very wide range of ways to travel in very cheap prices or free. This, for many of you how are reading the article will sound like surrealistic or just a distant dream, but traveling with no money or very cheap, is true and this is how it is done.

1.Traveling cheap

Traveling cheap means that you have to be creative and also take advantage of many websites and apps which will help you save money and make less expenses. Some of them will also help you make money while traveling. You can find great deals everywhere, like if you want to rent a car go to, or you want to find a cheap place go to Airbnb etc.

If you have planned a budget, you can travel cheap. Don’t expect luxury hotels and experience, but do expect to travel and watch places of the world for a very low cost.

One way is to find a job in another country. I am not talking about following a career, only find a job, don’t be picky and go work and watch the world in the same time. You can be bartender, hostel worker, waiter etc.

Another way is by using the sharing economy. There are platforms which allow you to share the same place with somebody else, and you can find cheap accommodations, cook at home, find cheap grocery stores and more.

2. Travel free

Now, this is not as easy as traveling cheap, but still can be done. There are many ways over the internet to earn a free flight ticket, many types of rewards, traveling agencies bonuses etc.

There are apps which will allow you to stay for free somewhere, just share a local’s house with them. Couchsurfing can help you find locals who share their home and meals. A common way is hitchhiking, you see tourists all over with those big bags walking the streets.

Other ways to travel free:

1.Free walking tour

2.Travel hack

3.Global freeloaders


Bottom line

There are plenty of ways to travel, it is only important to have the right mindset. With these tips, you can save a lot of money and maybe even find a way to fly overseas for free. Don’t let it be just a dream, make it reality. Like, if you always wanted to make a road trip, and you have a budget plan, you don’t have to buy a car just rent one, lets say and make your dream come true, more waiting and thinking less traveling will be done.