There are many great destinations you can go in USA for families. Here, you will learn about the top places to go in USA as a family with easy to arrive places using a 24 hour car rental.


If your family is more toward the fun and relax type, then the best place will probably be Florida. Filled with a ton of beaches to relax or famous amusement parks that have extraordinary rides with high quality hotels. Using hertz car rental Orlando airport may be the best way to get across.Florida will satisfy any itch for relaxation or fun inside of you.

Grand Canyon

If your family is a adventurous and likes to do hiking then going to the Grand Canyon will probably be the perfect place as there are a little trails to hike and a lot of grand views of the nature. If the Grand Canyon does not satisfy you then there are also a lot of other parks nearby that are just as good.



Yellowstone is USA’s most beautiful place. Everybody will get a kick out of looking Old Faithful the geyser erupt. It has extraordinary peaks and pristine lakes. Yellowstone is just an overall beautiful place.


For families desperate to relax and let go of all stress, Hawaii might be the best place. Beautiful shores and modern day buildings cover the place. You will experience Hawaiian dances and traditions and visit the historical site Oahu. Overall, Hawaii is the perfect place to relax.

South Dakota

South Dakota is full of historical landmarks and beautiful national parks. From Mount Rushmore to Badlands and Badlands to Jewel Cave. South Dakota is the best place to spend the time at a high quality log cabins to visit everywhere during the stay.


The most intense scenery you might every see in USA. There are intense waterfalls and steep granite mountains and glaciers. You would be astounded if you saw the beauty of the High Sierra, the main attraction of Yosemite.

New York City

The place where a family can party all day and stay up late. If you go there for new years eve then you would have the best time of your life over there. New York also has the most well known landmark in USA, the Statue of Liberty.


Now that you know some of the best places to go in USA as a family, why not go somewhere and have fun or relax. Go places with a 24 hour car rental and live life to the fullest.